Great Aspects of Traditional Weddings In Uganda

December is a season known to entail so many weddings and introductions in the year therefore it is inevitable that we drew insights into some of the cultural aspects in ‘kwanjula’ a special cultural ceremony that combines two families. However the dynamics that have consumed these cultures cannot be ignored.
The Buganda culture has been popular for being so rich in its norms and culture, taking a girl from her parent’s home is a big deal for all the girls and her family. However before the girl was taken some procedures had to be followed to grant her departure depending on one’s culture.

Introductions defer according to tribes for instance in Buganda it is called kwanjula and western Uganda it is referred to as kuhingira or give away. Below are some of the aspects followed on an introduction ceremony.

At the Entrance
Most cultural backgrounds have what they called “kiggula lugi” meaning a drink that permits the guests or in laws to come in to the yard of his spouse. You need to find out whether they are open to any drinks because most staunch Christians will prefer a non alcoholic drink. This segment is an important step to the rest of most of the traditional weddings. After it has been accepted the ceremony immediately starts.

Prepare the tents
Traditional weddings are often under the tents. Therefore you need to specify exactly where the in laws will sit, that’s where you place the seats for the groom and the bribe. Most people lately have opted for the small tents at the centre where the bribe stands while greeting her guests. Put into classifications of seats set ups to enable proper arrangements and an organized party if every guest knows where they have to sit, it becomes easier.

The outfit
The Baganda use ‘gomesi’, banyankole use ‘mushanana” and the traditional wedding is the right time to show off your cultural attire and embrace it. The outfit should be portrayed from the girls greeting and welcoming the guests to the bride and groom themselves. However the bride’s gomesi has to be very special and different from the rest to easily identify her from the many.

On this day the groom has to present the entire dowry that was requested by his father in law. These differ from culture, some only ask for cows while others could go far and beyond that. However usually it is always a personal choice depending on what the generosity of the groom.

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Your wedding day is a dream come to life, one every woman awaits like a rain in the desert. Not everyone gets the honor to be officially graduated to a position of wife/husband. Therefore it’s worth spoiling yourself with the latest fancy wedding things to alleviate your day. Preparation is Key to unleashing the very wedding you imagined for yourself. The earlier they better; you need to have these in your budget. Bryan Hulk, a devoted party organizer at  Wedding car hire Uganda has been to several special occasions and can rightly say the 4 items below will light up the party.

The wedding décor creates a big impression on how your wedding is going to transpire throughout the day. It is the first breath your guests take in when they first arrive at your wedding. The décor has to be eye catching, it can’t go unnoticed. Your wedding photos or videos can be killed or made just because of your décor. Therefore take the effort to collect classy trendy décor accessories.

Wedding attire
When choosing your wedding attire, you need to have a lot to put into consideration. Your body size, shape, you need to match with your groom and the bridesmaids. A comfortable wedding gown is crucial too as too tight or too loose could be easily noticed. It is also important to make these selections with art or allow yourself to be guided by a profession if you want to create a lasting impression. The attire you choose will be the reason people scream while you make your entrance. Just kill it.

Wedding cars
A fleet of exotic wedding cars are bound to give you the feel of being Royal. Imagine driving your spouse in an open roof car. All these create lasting memories that reveal romance and intimacy to be captured in the flash of one picture. Some of the cars that make grand entrances include the vintage cars, Range rovers, limousines and Benzes. Make that last drive to your reception in a very honorable manner.

What’s a party without great music? No matter how much investment you put into the rest, without music the whole venue is dead. Great music creates a lively ambiance that makes the day more interesting. To add charm to the entertainment, try to get out of your comfort zone and get involved in the performances. When the bride and groom have special performances, it’s just the perfect way to have everyone on their feet clapping in amusement. Nothing beats that.

This is the moment everyone waits for, the old and young it doesn’t differentiate. Food delights everyone’s day at the event. The bitter truth is most guests come to weddings to enjoy the food. Having a good catering team, is prior for creating a wedding that will remain on everyone’s lips. There is an automatic energy in the audience when the guests have enjoyed it.

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Your budget will be the driving factor for many of your wedding-related decisions, so this should be one of the first things you tackle. If any family members will be contributing, chat with them about what they’re comfortable spending. If you’re footing the bill yourself, sit down with your fiancé and figure out the most important aspects of your wedding. It is the time to take a hard look at your finances and make the following choices.

The venue
This is often easier to decide, you can choose a hotel gardens, beach, and it all depends on what your taste is. If you want your guests to easily reach in time and avoid asking for directions, then a hotel is the way to go. But there are other factors like the weather and the number of guests; all this can guide you to choosing the perfect location for your wedding.

Guest list
This can be a pretty harrowing process and one that will depend largely on your venue and budget. Sit down with your fiancé and family and create a wish list of guests. Chances are you’ll need to make some cuts. You should also decide whether you’re inviting children or not. Make it a point to deliver the wedding invitation cards.

Wedding cars
It is important to know what your transportations will be. You can decide to add style and beauty to what cars drop you. Per chance you want a glamorous entrance, helicopters, boats, vintage cars, latest model cars in Benzes and limos are the real deal. All this will play large rating your wedding ceremony. Then why not ensure that you hire cars that will emulate a king’s wedding after all it’s a once in a life time thing.

It’s a public secret that the reason most people look forward to the wedding- food takes the lead. The cake is the other thing. Get time and move with your partner for tasting so that you can get great ideas for wedding cakes that you can make yourselves. Remember that no matter how organized and well decorated the place is, but with bad food and cake, you are bound to disappoint many.

This is almost the most important but underrated aspect of a wedding. You need to have pictures that you will look back at and recall how beautiful and young you appeared. There choose a photographer that will ensure your looks are enhanced and the poses are fun filled so that when you and your family peruse through the same laughter is in sighted in your lives. Remember these are pictures to show your children and grand children; therefore you need to challenge them to do better.

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Wedding Dress Tips

Choosing an attire for a wedding may seem an easy task until the due date ripens that is when you realize that despite your heavy wardrobe, you have hardly have a thing to wear. Luckily, the trends have revolutionized, you can almost wear anything to a wedding as long as you are not trashy because the critics are watching. Turn up to your friend’s wedding by a rocking an outfit that will give respect and honor to the ceremony. Follow these steps to guide you through.
It should fit well

No matter how gorgeous it is, if a dress doesn’t fit well, consider it a waste. If you must, spend a little less on a gown, and put the money you saved toward making sure the bodice and hem are tailored to perfection. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Accessorize it
Like the saying goes, it is better to be over dressed than under dressed. Try giving your outfit a different touch. Am aware of how much ladies hate it when they collide with someone wearing their dresses. It is beef at first sight but accessorizing your outfit could save you and make you different.
Not only can a belt help accentuate your figure, but it’s an underrated and unexpected accessory that will get you major style points. Just be sure to choose something that matches and is formal. Depending on your dress, that can be anything from satin to metal to grosgrain.

Coordinate your clutch
It is common for some unstylish ladies to carry their large bags to weddings; this is so wrong. Of all the bags in the world, clutches are the ones we’re probably least likely to buy or own multiple of. My secret for always having my clutch match my dress perfectly is borrowing one. Between your mom, friends, and sisters, someone is bound to have the clutch for you. Plus, most of the time, something metallic or black will work, but bonus points for nailing the perfect complementary shade. It makes a difference.

Don’t let casual take control
This rule should be obvious, but some guests still think it’s acceptable at certain venues. I’m going to make it very clear for everyone: Jeans are never allowed—no excuses. Not everyone knows how to rock casual in a corporate way. Unless specifically told by the bride and groom that they’re having jean and t-shirt nuptials, trade in your Levi’s for a pair of khakis or slacks.

Shoe code
Put on wedges if it’s an outdoor wedding or your amazing stilettos will get ruined from sinking into the grass. Wear shoes that you can wear all day and night, or take some flats with you.

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Best Wedding Venues

Are you looking for a totally unique experience for your wedding, the setting plays a large role in fulfilling your fantasy. The possibilities are endless however put into consideration that your guest list should guide you to choosing a location. Narrowing the location or locations you’re considering will help streamline your search. Selecting a wedding venue is one of the first (and biggest) decisions you’ll make as an engaged couple because of its power to influence your vendors, budget, décor, and even attire. There below are the places you can choose from for your wedding venues.

Botanical gardens
Gardens come with an extra touch of beauty, which is Mother Nature. If you need to add something unique like fireworks, a boat ride, gardens being flexible can allow you incorporate the icing. An outdoor wedding is also immune to many factors including number of guests. It is uncommon for a garden to appear crowded or if it does at least there is fresh air due to the open tents. The commonly known gardens are in Munyonyo, Nicholas gardens Seeta, Namboole stadium. They are quite friendly to your budget being the reason most opt for gardens.

Many are adapting to the idea of hotels for various reasons like the weather, trend, and décor. A breath-taking view is what you wish to deliver for your guests in earnest. Halls have loads of themes and decorative ideas that can bring life to your event. Lightning styles, color combinations, buffet arrangement add glamour and enhances the grace. You get to have an array of preferences on designs that go with your budget. Another major advantage of having a hotel wedding has to be the experienced, professional catering options. This also saves you a lot of time if you are looking for an outside vendor. Their catering service is entirely reliable as the cooks are all professional and are trained in several cuisines. However it is also easier for guests to access hotels.

The beach can be a romantic setting for a wedding reception. The beachfront sand, water and sky provide a beautiful natural backdrop for your reception. Whether your style is elegant or casual, themed decorations can add to the beach ambiance and help create a memorable wedding reception. However, as you are choosing decorations, keep in mind weather conditions like the wind and heat, which can impact your decorations. Though it may come with challenges but choosing a beach is way beyond ordinary.

There is something to be said for having an island with a “cast away” feeling but is not easy to achieve that and still give your guests the kind of luxurious accommodations that many of them crave when they travel to a tropical destination unless they are to individually incur expenses. You may decide to choose an island popular in the ears not eyes for instance Kalangala island would be easier since they is a stationed ferry capable of transporting hundreds of people to your venue. Later you can decide to enjoy the camping experience.
Those are some of the wedding venues you can put in mind when planning your dream wedding.

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Why Book Wedding Reception Venue At A Hotel

A wedding is special occasion that deserves an equally special venue to give the day that full romantic event you always dreamed of.  The decorations and the colorful dresses of the invited guests might light up the event but all this is  nothing without a nice wedding venue. Not all places are meant to hold big events the size of a wedding party and that’s why you need to be careful and choose the perfect place that can accommodate the number of people you invited and suits your style as well planned budget.

There are a variety of places where you can hold a wedding in Uganda with the most popular locations found within Kampala, but not all are fit to be called wedding reception venues.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding venue in Kampala city or any other destination within Uganda,then you should book space at a hotel for that clasic and elegant wedding.Below are some reasons why we at Wedding Car Hire Uganda always advise our clients to book a botanical garden or hall at a hotel in Uganda.

Prestige – Throwing the wedding party at luxury hotel shows class and wealth ,two elements that are very useful when it comes to impressing invited guests. We all want to be invited to a prestigious venue like Serena hotel,Grand imperial, protea to mention but a few as such venues are known for holding huge million dollar events and as such would look good on the couples resume.

Catering costs- Hotels always have their own dining staff hence you wont need to hire outside catering when you can just top off the venue renting money and get your self professional well trained cooks,waiters,bar as well as ushers if you require.

Good Photos & Videos – Booking a wedding reception venue at hotel offers you chance to take some of the best pictures and videos as such a venue has nice backgrounds that will add spice tyo your photos and videos.You wont get chance to pose on  swimming pool, lush botanical garden or VIP lounge if you are not at a hotel.

Easy access – Almost all hotels in Uganda can be easily found on the internet, with just one click, you can get a hotel’s address and contacts hence the chances of getting lost when on your way to the reception venue are close to zero unlike if you book a venue that hasn’t even been listed on the google map ,tha’ts when you will feel the effect of being hard to find.

Extra facilities – A wedding at a hotel is guaranteed to give your invited guests a comfortable evening given the wide range of faculties at their disposal include spacious parking space, numerous bathrooms, waiting lounge, back-up generator to mention but a few.

So if you still haven’t decided which venue to hod your wedding in Uganda,then the above points will help you put a hotel botanical garden or conference hall in you plans. Call us now on +256-758540071 to book wedding venue at hotel or rent a luxury car , we look forward to serving you.

Wedding Car Prices In Uganda

Whether you plan on hiring a luxury car to transport you to a the church or reception venue, the car hire cost varies depending on the type of car you want and the location distance and amount of time you will require it. At Wedding Car Hire Uganda we have a wide collection of wedding  cars all well serviced and offered along with chauffeurs and fuel.

Our website shows the different cars but no wedding car prices with an aim of giving a client chance to negotiate a fixed price and in that not scaring them  even before they inquire but article will give you an estimate of car prices based on different brands for a wedding in Kampala, any where else always incurs additional costs.

Prices will also vary according to the number of cars and duration you wish to use the car meaning the higher the number , the lower the price , this is a way of giving back to our loyal customers.

Below are the rates categorized by car type including driver & fuel.

Modern Wedding Car Prices-

  • Limousine – UGX 1,000,000 to 1,300,000 per day
  • Range Rover – UGX 900,000 to 1,200,000 per day
  • Mercedes Benz E Class- UGX 400,000 to 450,000 per day
  • Mercedes Benz C Class – UGX 350,000 to 400,000 per day
  • Mercedes Benz S Class- UGX 600,000 to 700,000 per day
  • Land Cruiser V8 – 900,000 to 1,000,000 per day
  • Land Cruiser TX – UGX 250,000 to 600,000  per day
  • BMW convertible – UGX 650,000 to 800,000 per day (self drive)
  • Jaguar – UGX 420,000 to 500,000 per day
  • Cross Country- UGX 1,500,000 to 1,800,000 per day
  • Chrysler – UGX 600,000 to 700,000 per day
  • Lincoln – UGX 550,000 to 650,000 per day

Vintage Wedding Car Prices –

  • Rolls Royce – UGX 1,300,000 to 2 Million pe day
  • Bently – UGX 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 per day
  • Ferrari – UGX 1,500,000 to 1,800,000 per day
  • Bettles- UGX 450,000 to 800,000 per day

Mini bus wedding car prices

  • Alphard- UGX 600,000 to 900,000 per day
  • Coaster bus – 450,000 to 500,000 per day (no fuel)
  • Mini Van – UGX 400,000 to 600,000 per day


Request for quote to hire a wedding car in Uganda by sending us an email to or call us now on +256-758540071 to speak to the booking team.We look forward to giving you the best ride of your life on the most special day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Car Hire In Uganda

Hiring a luxury car for a wedding in Uganda has not always been the niche for most couples in the 90’s and early 2000 as these stylish classy cars were either too expensive to afford or hard to find leading to locals thinking they were only meant for celebrities and other rich famous people.

There are many questions that arise when our couples and wedding planners start searching for wedding car hire in Uganda and we at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris are proud to present to you some of the frequently asked wedding car hire questions to help you in your search for that dream car to spice up your special day.

  • Question 1– What destinations do you cover in Uganda?

Answer- We offer luxury cars for weddings in Kampala city , Entebbe, Jinja town, Masaka, Gulu, Mbarara among other destinations in Uganda but prices vary for each destination.

  • Question 2 – When is the right booking time for wedding cars ?

Answer–  It’s always very crucial to book a service at-least a month or more in advance to avoid missing out on the car of your choice due to nonavailability at the last moment or getting it at a higher price

  • Question 3– Do you own all the luxury cars listed on the website ?

Answer– Yes we own most of the wedding cars listed on our website – ( but some are outsourced from out trusted and reliable car suppliers.  Whether you want to rent a limousine in Uganda or prefer a flashy sport car, classic vintage or a VIP van, we are guaranteed to get you any car of your choice at the right price

  • Question 4 – Can i drive my self or do you only rent out cars with chauffeur ?

Answer– Most of the rental luxury cars in Uganda are driven by professional chauffeurs and the wedding prices include costing for driver and fuel but some cars like the Mercedes convertible and Rolls Royce can accommodate only two passengers hence fitting for self drive

  • Question 5 – What happens when the car breaks down ?

Answer– Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris has been offering wedding car hire services for 7 years and can promise you we will get you a bridal car with no mechanical condition since we take your comfort and safety our top priority. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, we will send over a replacement rental car as soon as possible so the convoy can continue with their road trip to church or reception.

  • Question 6 – How many hours can i have the luxury car for the day ?

Answer – All our wedding rental cars are available from 7am to 8pm in the evening and in case you would love to extend the hours, it will cost you an extra fee depending on the type of car you rented.

  • Question 7 – What other services do you offer apart from wedding car hire ?

Answer –  We offer a wide variety of other wedding services including hiring out ushers, wedding decorators, bridal gown & suit rentals, booking traditional & world music artists, chauffeurs, wedding planners as well renting out party tents for all types of events.

  • Question 8– Are your cars available for inspection ?

Answer– Yes all our cars are available for inspection any day of the week, once you confirm which car you want , we will direct you to the parking where you can inspect the car inside out.

  • Question 9– Who does the decorating of the wedding cars ?

Answer- We don’t include the decoration rates on the final price so you will have to use you party decorators , the car will be available for decorating in the morning.

  • Question 10 – Do you have any other cars available for other special occasions ?

Answer- Yes we do have other luxury cars fit for special occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, shows, video shoots to mention but a few and they are available fore hire with driver or without one.

There are plenty of other questions our clients ask about wedding car hire in Uganda but the above ten are the most common ones. To book or inquire about car hire rates, simply send us an email to or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with us.

Special Offer – Discount Wedding Car Hire Prices In Uganda

The dry season in Uganda is finally back and as usual variety of love birds will be looking to enjoy their special day in the sparkling sunny days that will come. We at Wedding Car Hire Uganda annually offer out our luxury wedding cars at discount rates and it even gets better for return customers.

Below are 2018 discount rates for months of June, July, August, September & December for some of the top requested wedding cars in Uganda .  Rates are based on weddings within Kampala city and include chauffeur and fuel per day.

1- Limousine– From 1.5 to 1.2 Million per day
2- Range Rover – From UGX 900,000 to 850,000 per day
3- Land Cruiser V8– From UGX 900,000 to 750,000 per day
4- Mercedes Benz E Class– (new model)- From UGX 500,000 to 450,000 per day
5- Mercedes Benz E Class – (old model)- From UGX 280,000 to 250,000 per day
7- Mercedes Benz C Class – From UGX 350,000 to 310,000 per day
8- Jaguar – From UGX 450,000 to 420,000 per day
9- Vintage cars – 450,000 to 2million UGX
10- Chrysler – From 1.4 million to 1.2 million per day
11- Convertible benz – From UGX 700,000 to 650,000 per day
12- Land Cruiser TX – From UGX 500,000 to 400,000 per day

Planning to do a wedding in Kampala city next month , July, August,  September , or December , why don’t you take this advantage and rent a wedding car at a discount rate with Wedding Car Hire Uganda. Not only will this save you money but also get you on our customer service card meaning you can get the same the next time at a cheaper price.

For more information about wedding car hire prices in Uganda, simply call us on +256-758540071 and we will be more than happy to get you that dream car of your choice.

Why Hire A Luxury Wedding Car In Uganda For Your Special Day

You have reserved the reception venue, decided on the theme decoration, got the dresses & gowns , entertainment and dining all catered – but what’s next ? There will be huge list of other must haves on the wedding list but you cant deny that hiring a stylish luxury wedding car is ranked at the top of the pile. Driving to the church and reception in the comfort of a luxury vehicle is show of wealth and class.

Wedding Car Hire Uganda presents to you 4 reasons why you should hire a luxury wedding car for your special day in Uganda.

Style – A wedding is a very special occasion that requires alot of class and style. Rather than arriving to the party with your own car or borrowed car from family, relatives or friends, it’s worth booking a stylish luxury car from a trusted and reliable rental / events management agency.  We at  Wedding car hire Uganda offer a wide range of wedding cars for hire well decorated simply oozing style including the infamous stretch limousines, Mercedes Benz, convertibles, Mercedes Benz to mention but a few.

Feel Special– If you have ever dreamed of being driven like a celebrity, then a luxury wedding car is guaranteed to make that dream come true. On-lookers along the road and invited guests at the party will be blown away. This is the day you show off what you got, so do it in style.

Private couple time – Weddings are some of the busiest occasions and couples will barely get to see or speak to each other as they will be busy greeting family members or busy keeping attention on the proceedings of the party to even talk. The private road trip from the church to reception  offers the couple chance to talk and prepare for the long event ahead.

Photo Opportunities – Hiring a wedding car in Uganda also presents opportunities for spectacular photos. Luxury cars act as good backgrounds for bridal photography.  Whether you decide to lean on the car or  take pictures inside, you will be amused by how beautiful and stylish you look posing with a luxury car on your wedding.

For information about wedding car hire in Uganda, you can send us an email to or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with our booking team.