2019 Prices For Top 5 Bridal Cars In Uganda

The wedding season is here and as usual couples will be searching up and down for the best cars to spice up the special day. There are alot of factors to consider when you decide to hire a wedding car in Uganda and these include type of bridal car , number of people in escorting convoy, number of hours you will need the car but most importantly is the price of the rental car. The rate of hiring a car is by far the most important factor when you go out there looking the perfect car for the wedding .

Wedding Car Hire Uganda presents to you 2019 prices for the top 5 rental cars for weddings in Uganda. Note that all rates include chauffeur & fuel and are based on occasions within Kampala city, extra costs will be incurred outside the city.

1- Limousine– The stretch limo is by far the most popular luxury car in the world and most used wedding car in Africa- The private air-conditioned interior comprises of mini-bar, TV, radio plus spacious space that can seat up to 10 people comfortably

Price– UGX 1.2 Million per day

2- Range Rover Sport – The original royal car is truly a catch, the classy exterior combines well with the cozy VIP interior to give the couple a memorable ride to the wedding..

Price – UGX 850,000 per day

3- Mercedes Benz E Class – There are various classes of the Mercedes Benz including C, S & ML but no other series is as popular as the E Class when it comes to wedding parties. The beautiful front that features curved double headlights combined with the eye-catching exterior and cozy interior only adds spice.

Price – New Model = UGX 450,000 per day & Old model = UGX 300,000

4- Vintage Cars – No other cars show style and wealth than the old classic cars . The Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Beetles are some of the top rated vintage cars for hire in Uganda. The vintage cars are well known for their rear looking exteriors that just depict alot of history of the new models.

Price – UGX 700,000 to 1.2 Million per day

5- Jaguar– This cool car is the real definition of it’s name, fierce yet beautiful. In color versions of violet blue and silver with a royal interior , there is no denying that the Jaguar would be an ideal car to ride in to a wedding party.

Price – UGX 450,000 per day

So if you plan on having a wedding this season and are looking for the best and most affordable weddings cars for hire, then the above five should be included in your list. Wedding Car Hire Uganda offers a wide range of stylish bridal cars , just get in touch with us by sending an email to info@weddingcarhireuganda.com or call us now on +256-758540071 / +256-779232316 to speak with the reservations team

Jaguar S-Type,a symbol of luxury and elegance

I was attending a wedding planning sometime back when a bride and groom-to-be wondered why many couples continue to opt for Jaguars especially the S-Type for their wedding transport. If you’re one of those couples still wonder why that’s case, here is you answer.

The Jaguar is a symbol of luxury, passion and elegance. It is all about feelings and soul. These cars have some spirit in them. Jaguar can leave anyone speechless by just its look. When driving a Jaguar S-Type, your pulse gets racing;the luxurious design only makes you stop and stare.

It is typical art, not just a car. The Jaguar as other car brands has many versions and editions. The Jaguar S-Type is one of the most famous and elegant designs. It is considered to be a piece of throwback, reminding 60’s cars when looking at it.

Debuted in 2000, the Jaguar S-Type was a result of Ford-Jaguar partnership. Due to its elegance and luxury, the four-door sedan really competed well with the existing types and models. Its retro styling became loved and demanded. The Jaguar is also a very reliable car, just as much as the Japanese sedans.

It’s interior boasts of leather seats, base and premium music systems with four speakers mounted on its doorsto guarantee your entertainment and an engine with little noise on the road, not to mention the suspension that does a super job of smoothing out uneven roads, I must say are not rare even within the confines of the city center will ensure a comfortable drive on your wedding day.

So if you need a fleet of jaguars for your wedding day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our reservations team via emails booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256758-540071.

Wedding Services Offered By Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris

Oftentimes, when one mentions the name Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris, many are quick to think about car hires, and tourism (tour & travel) within East Africa, particularly in Uganda, Rwanda and in Kenya. But, to the contrary, although the two are the core services that we offer, Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris also provides a wide range of other services especially in the events industry and more importantly in weddings; be it traditional weddings or white weddings. We not only offer wedding cars for hire in Uganda but also go step further and cater for other related services as mentioned below.

  1. Tents and chairs:

If you are having an event soon or planning to have one in the near future, it’s highly advisable that you consider us for your tents and chairs, especially if you have chosen an outdoor venue for your function. When it comes to tents, just mention the size you need and you will have it because they are available in all types such as Alpine tents, Aladdin tents, Mega tents, and theatre style tents. And as for the chair, just name the kind you want; is it plastic chairs, cushion chairs or the classic chiavari chairs.

If you’re a close follower of Wedding Car Hire Uganda on it social media platforms or a frequent visitor of our blog, you have probably seen this before that we do offer ushering services for all sorts of events. Any function for which you deem it necessary to have ushers. Our ushers aren’t just professional ushers, they are also beautiful and handsome respectively with a plethora of experience.

  • Décor:

Once you have zeroed down to a venue for your function, be it indoor or outdoor, the next thing on your mind should or will always be the decorations. How you want it turned into everything you envisioned your wedding day to be. So for décor services, don’t hesitate to think of Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris.

  • Catering services:

For any function, especially wedding here in the Pearl of Africa, if you want the guests to give it all the credit it deserves, then serve people good food. No matter how heavenly your event may be, if you serve your guests bad food, it’s the only memory that will stick on their minds. So to avoid all that, just have us on speed dial as your catering service providers.

  • Wedding cars:

Transportation is one of the many important aspects of a wedding, so you must get it right. But what’s the theme of your wedding!!! Is it a rustic and vintage wedding, a simple wedding or a classic modern day thing of glamour and splendor? Whatever category your wedding falls in, be sure you will get the perfect cars for it. Be it the vintage cars from the 80sor 90s, the modern luxury style or anything else for that matter. Surprise!! Surprise!!! We also have a chopper in case you want to fly on your wedding day. All you have to do is trust Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris.

  • Honeymoon:

As you plan for your big day, don’t forget your honeymoon. It’s ‘almost’ as important as the wedding itself. Whether you plan to have a late honeymoon in Uganda or immediately after the wedding, it’s just important that you have one. Whether you wish to have it within the country or abroad, be sure we will help you with all its planning. From booking travel tickets to booking your hotel. Just trust Tristar.

Now the advantage of having a single service provider like Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris / Wedding Car Hire Uganda proving you with multiple services is that you’re to a large extent assure of big discounts. Trust me, you will need the discount to ease the pressure on your budget for other cost items.

Secondly, it will make coordination for your wedding supervisor very easy.

To inquire about any of the above Uganda wedding services , simply send us an email to info@weddingcarhireuganda.com or call us on +256-758540071 / +256-785231603 to talk to our reservations team leader today.

Role Of Wedding Ushers & Why You Need To Hire Them

When it comes to the wedding day, there are so many important roles and participants in the festivities that it may seem hard to keep track. One particular role of note is that of wedding usher. Fading are the days when sisters and brothers as well as cousins who had not be chosen to be party of the bridal party given the role of being the ushers at a wedding. Today you need to hire ushers even on traditional wedding occasions making them all more significant.

The responsibilities of an usher 

Ushers should be the first smiling face your guests see upon arrival at your wedding reception. Although it helps to have typically close friends or even a few family members of the couple as ushers, these may sometimes be unavailable or even fall short in the number that you may need for the day. The familiar faces will know exactly what’s to be done and who seat where because most of these guests will not be strange faces. Nonetheless, professional ushers come with a bit of experience about what needs to be done, so they can be trusted.

The job of an usher at a wedding is to greet guests, distribute programs (if need be), escort people to their seats and perhaps show people to washrooms should they feel the need to use them.

Some rare cases, they may also help with ceremony preparation, including handling tasks such as arranging chairs although that’s a task of the decorator or testing the sound system, or any of those other essential last-minute tasks that would be of help to the couple on the big day.

Do you need ushers?

While the duties of ushers are important enough to require specific gentlemen and ladies to serve in that role, some couples ask the groomsmen and bridesmaids to perform the duties of the ushers in addition to their roles as part of the bridal party. At very casual or low budget weddings,​some couples choose to skip the ushers and allow their guests to find their seats by themselves. If your groomsmen and bridesmaids will be occupied with getting dressed and/or taking photographs before the ceremony, it’s helpful to have some ushers who can direct people to restrooms, assist any handicapped persons, and answer any questions that may be posed.

Ushers are especially helpful if you need to keep divorced guests separate from each other, or anticipate any other seating conflicts. Ultimately, the choice is completely up to you and what you feel is necessary for your wedding day.

How many ushers should you have!

The general rule is one usher for every 50 guests. So I would say that the number of ushers that you should have at your wedding will largely depend on the size of your guests. However, even for small weddings, you should still have at least two ushers so that they can keep each other company. It is also helpful to have at least two ushers at your wedding so that no one is left standing and waiting to be escorted to their seat for too long.

Who you should ask to be an usher

If you’re having a modern wedding there’s no reason to let the boys hog the limelight at the ceremony doors! If you’re having a low budget wedding, then take it as a last resort kind of thing to choose family friends, cousins and other relatives, or other people you are close to who didn’t quite fit within the bridal party to do the ushering job. But bear it in mind that they too deserve to enjoy your wedding just as much as anybody else. Make sure they are people who feel at ease talking to strangers and will be glad to be helpful.

Now that you know why you’re going to need ushers at your wedding, just get in touch with us on 256758-540071 or by email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com for beautiful and handsome professional ushers that help you out on you big day so that you and your invited guests can enjoy it to the fullest.

Questions To Ask Your Uganda Wedding Car Supplier

For most people, wedding transport often refers to wedding cars, but for us at Wedding Car Hire Uganda, the term also encompasses helicopters, hot rods and horses. And a premium car hire company, we want to take you through some of the questions to ask your wedding transport supplier, regardless of the mode of transport they may specialize in.

What style of transport do you offer?

This is a question you should ask early enough. Obviously, if you’re speaking with a wedding car hire vendor who specialises in, say, vintage cars, but you’re after sports cars, you’re better off speaking with someone who offers the transport options you’re actually after.Nonetheless, the biggest benefit of asking this question is that you may be pleasantly surprised when the vendor has in their stock a car or mode of transport you may never have considered. You perfect wedding transport mode may not necessarily be a car!!!! So just have an open mind.

How many cars will we need to book?

Obviously, this will depend on the size of your bridal party and who needs transportation. Usually, a bride and groom require two-to-four vehicles depending. Traditionally, the bride arrives in a ‘special’ car with her father, while the groom arrives with his best man. In years gone by, the mother-of-the-bride would always arrive with the bridesmaids.

However, these days the bride may arrive with both her parents or with her flower girl/s and bridesmaids while her parents come in a separate car. Similarly, many of today’s grooms wish to arrive in style, so, increasingly, we’re seeing them arrive with their groomsmen.There is no right or wrong, so the answer to this question will depend on how you want to arrive, who you want to arrive with and how many people will need transport on the day.

Remember that though the bride will arrive in a separate car, the bride and groom will leave together in a car, usually, alone, so be sure to cater for your parents and know how they’re going to be getting to the photo shoot site and the reception.

How many people will each vehicle seat?

How many people a vehicle seats will vary depending on the make and style of the vehicle. However, as a rough guide, most classic cars are sedans like Mercedes Benz C & S class take four with three in the back and one in the front while a sports car only has room for two people, which means there’s no room for a driver. That’s why, most often, sports cars at weddings are only used to bring the groom to the ceremony. SUVs like Range Rovers can take up to five people while a limousine takes 10 or more.

Do I need to drive or find a driver?

Although at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris we offer self-drive cars, when it comes to wedding cars, there are often a few strings attached when a couple wishes to drive themselves per say. So if you want to do the driving, you’ll need to go to a rental car hire place as no wedding car supplier will allow their vehicles out without a fully licensed chauffeur. All vehicles like this will come with a licensed chauffeur.

Are there any additional costs we may encounter?

It’s rare to incur additional costs when it comes to your wedding transport hire as most things are included, be it the ribbon or water, however, if your pick-up or drop-off points are particularly far, there may be a travel surcharge. And in some rare circumstances, the only other additional cost you may encounter is an over-time fee if your event runs late than planned.

How will the chauffeur be dressed on the day?

Every vendor varies when it comes to their policy around dress, however, most drivers will be wearing a suit and sometimes, a tie or the rental car company uniform.

Do you provide any food/drink on the day?

Many wedding car hire companies will provide water, even champagne, sometimes, but every company has a different policy, so be sure to ask ahead.

Is there a limit to the distance we can travel?

Most wedding transport is hired on a full day basis, so, if you hire the car for the day, your wedding transport provider will get you to and from all the places you need to be at within that period i.e. church for the ceremony, to the photo shoot site and to the reception etc.

When will the cars leave?

Most vendors only book one wedding per day, so you won’t be rushed to leave your event, but if you do go too far over your booking time, you will, likely, be charged an over-time fee.

What are the over-time fees?

Over-time fees are payable if your event runs over the allocated time and your driver has to wait for you. These vary from company to company. Some vendors will impose over-time fees as soon as you go over your allocated period, however, most have some sort of grace period. If you think you may run over time on the day, check with your wedding car hire supplier beforehand so that you know exactly how it will work without being embarrassed.

What about if the ceremony, photos and reception are at the same place?

Your wedding car provider will be hired on an hourly basis, so if you’re having everything in the same place, then you may only need a list to the ceremony, however, if you also need a lift back, you’ll need to make arrangements with your vendor.

What happens if a vehicle breaks down? What sort of back-up do you have?

Majority of wedding transport providers take impeccable care of their vehicles with regular checks and services. In the event something unforeseen does happen, ask what sort of back-up plan is in place. For example, will a replacement vehicle be sent? At Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris, there is always a backup plan.

How does payment work?

Typically, couples pay a deposit, which will vary from vendor to vendor, and the balance will, usually, be due about a week before the wedding.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Let’s face it, sometimes unexpected things do happen and you need to be prepared, so be sure to ask about the company’s refund policy should you have to cancel.Every company’s terms and conditions should outline their cancellation policy but, generally, a deposit will be non-refundable. At Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris, any cancellations under 30 days to the wedding, there is will 0% refund.

With that side, email us onbooking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.comor call us on +256758-540071.

5 Reasons Why Every Bride Should Care About Their Wedding Car

Traditionally, wedding transport has been the domain of the groom, and while we are all for giving grooms a free reign when it comes to that particular aspect of wedding planning, there are few things brides need to know about their transport. Hint – it isn’t all about what’s underneath the hood!

There are so many reasons why you need to choose a reputable car hire company like Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris for your wedding and many of these reasons might not be on your man’s radar.

Quality Control

Professional wedding cars are maintained to ensure that the cars will run reliably on your big day, after all, the last thing you need is a breakdown! The great thing about Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris is that we not only ensure that the engine and exterior is well maintained and immaculate, but that the interior is perfect as well. A clean interior is especially important for your wedding day as an ink spot on the carseat may transfer onto you dress! Trust me you wouldn’t want, whether it’s a hired dress or one you bought for yourself.

An Expert Driver

While you may know someone with a picture perfect car, you also need to take into account who will be driving it. Tristar Africa Skimmer Safarisprovides chauffeurs to drive, who know how to negotiate traffic so you don’t have to. You should also always ask about how your driver will be dressed as they are more than likely going to be in some of you wedding photos.

Will you fit?

If your dream wedding dress is a princess gown, a ball gown or something that consists of a gorgeous long train, you need to consider how comfortably you and your groom or bridal party will fit inside. You wouldn’t want to have to scrunch or fold your gown leaving it creased. It needs to stay perfect. The good news is wedding cars tend to be more spacious and if you are unsure, Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris chauffeurs have a wealth of experience with fitting a wedding dresses into the car so you know they’ll have your questions covered.

*High Quality Service

Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris provides added incentives such as a bottle of wine for you and your bridal party. The time spent in the car will likely be some of the few quiet moments you will have with your groom and bridal party and your driver will know to give you the privacy to be able to relax, reflect and unwind.

A Taste of Luxury

You’ll be going to every effort to ensure your wedding day is perfect and your ride definitely shouldn’t be forgotten! Companies like Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris have a myriad of gorgeous hire cars available in their fleet that can accommodate different size groups. It’s the perfect chance for you and your groom to basque in the extravagance of a luxury car.

About Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris

Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris is a premium rental car as well as a tour and travel company with over 10years experience in the wedding & hire car Industry. We offer a range of luxury modern vehicles, ordinary cars and vintage cars which come with professional chauffeurs that are no short of good customer service. Our packages can be tailored to suit individual requirements to ensure that you get the very best value.

Simply get in touch with us by emailing to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.comor call us on +256758-540071

Top Places to Honeymoon in Uganda, Kenya & Rwanda

After a couple of years as a wedding planner, I have come to a realization that many couple prefer to honeymoon beyond East Africa, in Dubai, Seychelles or even beyond and yet there are far better alternatives right here in Uganda, Kenya and/or in Rwanda. East Africa has a lot to offer the discerning couple. The region is certainly not without options: romantic safari lodges in Uganda, beachside getaways in Kenya, gorilla trekking in Rwanda, and a whole bevy of other locations make for perfect getaway destination for newly weds. Here are some of the best options if you plan on having a honeymoon in Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya;

Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda

Located in South Western Uganda, right near the border of Rwanda, Lake Bunyonyi is best characterized by its colorful sunsets, the layered hills, and misty mornings. Several islands on the lake have campsites and lodges, where you can spend your time on dug-out canoe trips, hikes, and casual Scrabble games on the porch. Spend some time exploring the area, perhaps visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park for a safari, or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for some gorilla trekking.

Jinja in Uganda

If you’re the adventurous type of couple, then look no further than Jinja in Uganda. Jinja is home to the source of the longest river in the Africa, River Nile with many beautiful rapids and falls. Couples can go white-water rafting, kayaking, hiking, and bungee jumping, in addition to enjoying a lively party scene. Though Jinja possesses a bit of a backpacker vibe, honeymooners will find solace on the scenic river, taking in some of the region’s most spectacular sunsets over the Nile.

Maasai Mara in Kenya

Much like the Serengeti in Tanzania and cut from the same swath of land, Maasai Mara is known for its unbelievable vistas and animal encounters. Some of Kenya’s best luxury lodges are located within the park itself, offering stunning views, privacy, and a whole lot of room for romance on a honeymoon.

Musanze in Rwanda

Home to the country’s famous endangered mountain gorillas, Rwanda’s Musanze district is full of lush bamboo forests, luxury lodges, and volcanic views. Visitors to the region sign up for gorilla trekking months in advance, as permits are expensive and often hard to come by, but it is so worth it for the chance to watch gorillas in their natural habitat. For accommodation, book a stay at the ultra-exclusive and eco-friendly Bisate Lodge, enjoying their romantic villas and panoramic views. However, for a more budget-friendly destination when it comes to gorilla trekking, then I suggest you opt for the magnificent Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda

Come witness the abundance of flora and fauna, together with the majesty of nature such as the River Nile flowing with force from Karuma falls and the fascinating sight of the Murchison Falls National Park. Murchison Falls National Park is also host to Chobe Safari Lodge, the perfect place for an adventure that unleashes the wild side of every tourist and couple that visit.

6 Tips For The Perfect Honeymoon

For most people who are unaccustomed to traveling or taking a trip, often times, a honeymoon with their significant other can be the first. And for any newlyweds, a honeymoon to go sleep off all the stress and fatigue that came with planning a wedding could the best thing that will ever happen to you. Although planning one of the most important trips in a lifetime is exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Here are some tips we gathered to help make it a smooth process towards the most romantic and memorable honeymoon.

1. Seek professional advice

There are plenty of benefits to using a travel agent like Wedding car hire Uganda to assist you on creating the perfect honeymoon. Learn about unique destinations like East Africa, a with closer look at Uganda, also referred to as the Pearl of Africa and Kenya’s Masai Mara that can truly make the honeymoon remarkable. Let the professionals handle the stress of trip planning, and begin to relax before departing. While professional advice never hurts, make sure it is balanced with a bit of at home research

2. Tailor made is the way to go

Of course it is exciting to hear about other couples’ honeymoons and be inspired, but doesn’t a trip that is special and personalized sound better? Having a tailor made honeymoon allows for the creation of new exciting stories, rather than walking into another couple’s footsteps despite their guidance and is likely to guarantee sweeter memories. And should coming up with a few ideas be a challenge, Wedding car hire Uganda got you covered.

3. Setting a budget does not mean setting limits

When it comes to destinations for honeymooners, there is plenty of options across the globe with budgets of any level and any travel style. Choosing to travel during an off peak season means couples can enjoy everything on their list at a lower rate; whether it be flights, hotels or meal costs. This might also be a good opportunity to use those points saved up on credit cards.

4. Spice up the trip with a honeymoon registry

Another option that can give the trip a boost is a honeymoon registry. This doesn’t necessarily mean asking for funding towards the trip. Donations can come in forms of a cooking class or a bottle of champagne set during dinner. Give friends and family the opportunity to help make the honeymoon special. Even better, it doesn’t harm to have it included on your wedding budget.

5. Beach? City?Mountains?All of the Above?

Determining the pace of the honeymoon can be vital when choosing a destination. More often now, honeymoons are packed with various activities. There are lots of hidden gem destinations that offer exciting city life, clear blue waters, and rich cultures hidden in the mountains that are only within an hour flight away from each other (i.e. East Africa).

6. Stretch the honeymoon phase

Longer honeymoons, such as 2-3 weeks, are becoming a popular trend nowadays. This however means extra planning, a big budget and the possibility of not leaving right after the wedding. Having more time allows for an optimal experience, and the ability to accommodate all of the destinations and activities on the bucket list.

To book a honeymoon in Uganda today , Just email us to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.comor get in touch on +256758-540071 to talk to our expert.

What Makes The Toyota Alphard Special

Have you thought about hiring the Toyota Alphard for a road trip or VIP tour. You’ve probably seen it on the roads of Kampala City and you’re wondering what this big car is about. To many, it’s a family car but there is more to it than just being a family car.

Of course this is one of the best cars available at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris at affordable rates. This is a comfortable and perfect car for long distance travels. Moreover, if you have a big family or friend group, then this is the best car for you. As it has eight comfortable seats and a powerful engine that makes it unique.

Camera, Bluetooth, multi-functioned steering, 8 comfortable seats, roof mounted LCD, and front & rear sensors distinguish it from others. So go wherever you want to go with your family and friends in long-distance travel with Alphard’s new model.

Here are some reasons as to why you should hire the Toyota Alphard:

Fuel consumption:There is no doubt that Alphard consumes very little fuels as compared to other big cars. This is a fantastic feature that you might have never seen in other vehicles because often times, the bigger and more powerful car is, the more fuel it ultimately consumes. But this car is different from others. Therefore, you should choose the Toyota Alphard if you’re looking to hire a car and have a specified budget.

Comfortable car:We all want comfort while travelling, either a short distance or long distance because no one wants to be tired while moving. For this purpose, the Toyota Alphard is the best option because it is very comfortable car. The shockers of this beautiful car are also very soft and smooth that makes it more comfortable.

A large number of comfortable seats:As almost all the models of the Toyota Alphard have a large number of places and all of them are very comfortable and good in size. Therefore, it is always loved for the long distance travels when you have a big family or group of friends/colleagues. The seats are moveable and flexible that makes it comfortable and unique. Because when you have the choice to hire an 8-seat car instead of 4 seats, then no one would like to refuse the 8 seats. Moreover, the seats of the Alphard are also comparatively more comfortable.

Stunning look:It has a stunning look, as the engineers have made it a large size beautiful car with its unusual structure. The beautiful lights and the front and back view are excellently designed. We can use this van anywhere for business purposes, personal use, or going to a wedding etc.

Powerful engine:As it is a big size 8 seat car and suitable for a big family it has a powerful engine that enables it to run faster and bear the heavy weight of the passengers or travellers. Its speed is also excellent as now the new models are coming every year with a higher rate and powerful engine. The voice it makes is also excellent that is one of the most noticeable things in a car.

Power steering and auto doors:When you have power steering in your car, you don’t need to put extra efforts on driving the car. Because it becomes so easy to handle the vehicle no matter how big the car is and how much weight you are carrying. Similarly, Toyota Alphard has power steering which is a great feature. Moreover, it has auto doors that open and closes automatically without human effort.

Reasonable price:When you have a limited budget, and you are looking for the best car in this specific amount of money, then Alphard becomes one the best options for you at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris. Because this is one of the carsavailable at amazing rates and also has a large number of comfortable seats. So just get in touch with us at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris on +256758-540071 or by email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com

9 Ways To Save Fuel When You Hire A Car

The only irritating thing about a car in proper condition is when the fuel gauge starts warning. Have you ever seen motorists running around with a jerrican to the fuel station to buy more fuel? Don’t wait until your car stops moving or until your fuel gauge starts warning. When driving a car, not only is it important to constantly fuel your car, but it is also imperative that you keep monitoring the fuel gauge to find out how much fuel you have left in the tank.

When considering to hire or buy a car, the first thing that often comes to mind for most people is “How fuel efficient that car would be?” because fuel expensesare a big concern. However, you can reduce fuel consumption for a car by following these simple techniques:

1. Accelerate smoothly

The perfect way to save fuel is to travel at a steady speed. We recommend a speed of 50 -60mph, and in the highest gear so if you are patient while driving, you will make less trips to the gas station in a month.It’s unavoidable to overtake sometimes but there’s no point accelerating past a car to simply be in front of it at the next set of lights.

2. Don’t push the accelerator too far down

This is not just because of what gear you’re in. You maybe in a high gear and traveling at a steady speed but if you are pushing the accelerator pedal down a long way to avoid changing into a lower gear (for example into third from fourth) then you’re using more fuel not less. This is of course if you are driving an automatic car, the car will do a better job than you of choosing which gear to be in so it’s not a problem for an automatic.

3. Turn the air-conditioning off

Whereas it can get very humid in Uganda or other African countries, it’s enticing to drive around while the air-con is on. The problem with air-conditioning being on all the time while you drive is that it uses quite a bit of fuel, so we would advise you turn it off when you can and drive with your windows down if it’s not raining or when you are not driving around town.

4. Check your tire pressure regularly

Please note that the lower the tire pressure of your car is, the more fuel the car needs to move it down the road. We recommend that you take 5 minutes every two weeks to check the tires and if you aren’t sure what pressure they should be, you can normally find the figures near the lock inside the driver’s door or drive to the nearest gas station and have your tyre pressures checked.

5. Don’t carry unnecessary weight

Your car needs more fuel to move around more weight. So just as you wouldn’t wear a heavy backpack unless if you really had to, don’t leave stuff laying around in the boot of your car. The heavier the item, the more fuel your car will consume

6. Don’t drive during rush hours

Few things are as frustrating as being stuck in traffic jam. Not only is it an expensive way of traveling, every time you start and stop in traffic, your car needs first gear and a huge amount of fuel to get moving again. Second gear is worse. The best solution is to not travel at all if you can during the rush hours of the day if you can avoid it. If you have to travel in traffic a lot, then consider hiring a low fuel consuming car.

7. Service your car regularly

The quality of your engine oil does indeed affect your fuel economy. Always make it a point to service your car regularly with genuine and good quality engine oil. Always make sure to change the oil in your car according to your vehicles maintenance schedule to save fuel. And when you hire a car from Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris, don’t worry, we will do the servicing for you.

8. Close your windows and sunroof if driving on the highway

When you are driving on the highway and are moving more quickly, the shape of your car is very important. Car designers call it aerodynamics and make lots of effort to reduce ‘drag’ and make the car go as sleek as possible. Anything that makes noise while your car is moving is consuming more fuel. You can’t do much about the design of your car but you can avoid making it consume more fuel on the highway by not leaving the windows or sunroof open. Use the air vents or air-con if it gets too hot.

9. Make fewer errands or trips

Did you know that when you drive a car that has been parked all day, the engine is cold and it uses a lot of fuel for the first five miles? To save fuel, why not combine all your daily trips into one big trip? Sometimes, of course, this is not possible but try to avoid making unnecessary trips.

There you have it folks. The top 9 tips to help you save some money on fuel and if you’re looking to hire a car in Uganda for safari, business, leisure or special event like wedding , simply get in touch with us on +256758-540071 or by email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com