Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue In Uganda

Choosing a wedding venue can be one of the most daunting tasks but with a list of what a good venue should offer, it shouldn’t be that hard. One important thing to put in mind is that as much as you might love the venue, you should also consider if your guests will love it as well. Wedding car hire Uganda has organized a variety of weddings in Uganda and presents to you the some of the top things to consider when choosing a wedding venue in Uganda.

Personal Tastes & Preferences – What interests you is the first thing that should come to mind when looking for the perfect reception venue. Visualize what your dream venue would look like, are you into beach sides, botanical gardens , boat cruise or conference hall , whichever places makes you two happy should be considered.

Facilities – The number of useful party facilities is also important factor to consider when looking for a wedding venue in Uganda. Toilets, changing rooms, security, parking, privacy, electricity, back-up generator, air-condition if inside a hall all play a big part in framing that perfect venue.

Budget – Before you even starting searching for a venue, you should look into your pockets and see if you can afford the place. Don’t strain your budget by going for something that will cost you a lot more than a place that falls with your wedding expenditure.

Storage rooms – Choosing a venue with storage room is very vital as you can keep the unused or already used items like drinks, gifts or any other items at the wedding. You wont have to worry about loosing anything or the cost of replacing them if stolen.

Location – The location bit of it is more for your invited guests, Be considerate and choose a location that easily accessible both by public and private transport means. Also consider the distance from the church to the reception venue , it should be short especially if the reception is within Kampala city which is always in traffic jam and this could delay the proceedings of event

Transportation – If you choose a venue that is not easily accessed, then you should consider hiring public transportation for the guests. You will include the pick-up location on the wedding invitation cards or send bulk sms to all guests indicating the boarding area and time of departure to the reception.

Complimentary services – A good wedding reception venue has to offer other services apart from space and these include food and drink catering, chairs, tables, music or any service outside the planned wedding package.

The weather – The season at the particular time in the country also dictates what type of venue to book. If it’s the rainy season, then you should go for an indoor reception and forget about that lake side or botanical garden.

Guest count – Choose a venue that can accommodate all the invited guests, you don’t what them to feel cramped and squeezed at the party most especially if you plan on having it indoor. The organizing committee should be sure about the number to book the perfect space.

Planning a wedding in Uganda this season and searching for that ideal reception venue, you should consider the above factors for the success of the party plus comfort and convenience of your guests. For more wedding tips in Uganda, you can call us on +256-758540071 to speak with our team.

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